UAV flight rules

Flight conditions

Maximum UAV weight
Maximum flight altitude
Flight area crosses
Flight mission
Flight period
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A responsibility

Third party liability insurance
Aircraft liability insurance to third parties for damage to life or health or property of third parties during the operation of the aircraft is mandatory (Article 131 of the Air Code) regardless of the maximum weight of the UAV and types of missions. The minimum amount insured is set at no less than two minimum wages established by federal law at the time of conclusion of the insurance contract, for each kilogram of the maximum take-off weight of the aircraft "Air Code of the Russian Federation
Upon receipt of UA certification
At the moment, there are no requirements for the remote pilot training program, as well as the issuance of a remote pilot license. It is possible to take training courses for a specific type of UAV from the developer-manufacturer of this UAV, if it is provided.
Transfer of UAV to third parties
When transferring the UA to third parties, all responsibility will lie with the owner of the UA
When capturing the UAV with jammers
If during the flight, an emergency situation occurred with the forced landing of the UAV, then it is possible that there is a sensitive facility in the area (or jamming equipment was installed illegally). If your flight has been coordinated with the local administration and the EU ATM center, you need to inform the representatives of the sensitive facility.
Responsibility for the illegal launch of the UAV
For the illegal launch of UAVs, the Code of Administrative Offenses (Article 11.4) provides for fines: • for individuals - up to 50 thousand rubles; • for officials - up to 150 thousand rubles. • for legal entities - up to 500 thousand rubles. For the infliction of harm to health of light / moderate severity as a result of an unauthorized flight of a UAV through negligence, a fine is provided: • for individuals — up to 2.5 thousand rubles; • for officials - up to 20 thousand rubles. • for legal entities - up to 100 thousand rubles. For causing serious harm to human health/death by UAS, then criminal liability occurs. For the illegal launch of UAV and shooting secret objects, criminal liability comes with punishment for espionage or illegal obtaining of information constituting a state secret.
Liability for damage to another UAV
For intentional destruction or damage to someone else's property (UAV, attachments or cargo), administrative and criminal liability is provided from a fine to imprisonment