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About us

Fly Drone Company is a resident of Skolkovo Innovation Fund, and it is engaged in development of a single-window system of digital UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) life cycle services. Our objective is to provide to all UAV users the opportunity of comfortable and legal usage of the air space and commercionalizing their skills by way of offering our services to unlimited number of customers.

Our patents

All innovation products and technologies of Fly Drone Company are protected with numerous patents, certificates and commercial secret arrangements.

What do we offer?

Internet service resource that allows to:
  • easily and quickly register the user and its UAV fleet and verify the user through Gosuslugi (state services) resource
  • Identify the UAV flight conditions and show visually the flight route based on the update aerial navigation information
  • Generate a request for establishment of a time/local flight mode and a flight schedule, and submit these to the appropriate automatically identified authorities for approval

We help you to earn money!

Our marketplace:
  • Provides a bridge between those who seek UAV services and those who are capable of providing such high-quality services
  • Supported by a constructor, helps you to formulate your task correctly so that it could be found by potential contractors
  • Generates (per the templates available) agreements on provision of standard services based on the specifics of your task
  • Allows signing the generated agreement with an electronic signature and, upon the work completion, arranging final settlements through a safe online terminal
  • Based on references on the services provided, assesses the agreement contractors and customers and generates an objective platform rating

Board of Directors

Alexander Nazarov

Approximately 30 years of work experience with such investment banks as UBS, Credit Suisse and Troika Dialog and also with various finance/industry holdings at managerial positions in charge of mergers/acquisitions and strategic business development in the natural resources, technology and infrastructure sectors.

Nikita Danilov

10+ years of work experience in the aviation industry.
Considerable experience in the sphere of investment banking, implementation of investment projects and corporate governance.

Selected experience:

  • Deputy General Director in the State Corporation for Air Traffic Management (2012-2020)
  • Deputy General Director under various projects of Rostech State Corporation (2008-2012)
  • Vice President of Troika Dialog (2004-2012)
Alexander Kaniovsky

20+ years of work experience in the IT industry, including the experience of developing an IT system of air traffic management in the State Corporation for Air Traffic Management.
Considerable experience in automatization in the sphere of insurance.

Selected experience:

  • IT Director in the State Corporation for Air Traffic Management (2014-2020)
Ekaterina Lapshina

More than 15 years experience in strategic development and capital formation in leading Russian and international companies, also in venture funds. An angel investor.

Selected experience:

  • Director General and founder of ERA Capital (2017 - currently)
    Senior vice-president of JSC “ER-Telecom Holding” (2020 - currently)
    Board director of JSK “Stal’most” (2019-2021)
    Co-shareholder of LLC “Epoha Digital”, Rambler Group (2019-2020)
Oleg Kurchin

15+ years of work experience with direct and venture investments, considerable experience of technology company development from the early stage through selling to strategic investors and major financial institutions.

Selected experience:

  • Director, Era Capital (2018 till now)
  • Director, Marsfield Capital (2014-2018)
  • Director, Troika Dialog (2007-2013)

Our partners


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